Sunday, 29 November 2009

Designer: Karen Walker Jewellery

I discovered Karen Walker's jewellery in an Australian magazine called Rushh at my lovely friend Holly's house a few weeks back. A quirky advert caught my eye, featuring some of the images below, so I thought it would be great to introduce her here...

Skull, Daisy and Peace necklaces, by Karen Walker 


Tiny Skull ring, by Karen Walker

As a fashion, jewellery and accessories designer based in New Zealand, Karen's pieces take inspiration from a range of jaunty female icons, including Woody Allen's Annie Hall, and John Hughes' Allison Reynolds... The result is a collection which falls nicely into the style I adore; cute bits and bobs, random charm-like pendants (robots, lion's heads, rockets), while her gorgeous adverts make the designs even more irresistible. She also makes sweet little studs (think bows, skulls etc.), and chunkier bracelets and pearl designs. Big thanks to Murray at Showroom22, Auckland, for the snaps.

Robot, Military Star and Heart & Arrow Necklaces, by Karen Walker

Crab and Anchor Necklaces, by Karen Walker 

Sunday, 22 November 2009

A little something: Lego Man Necklace

Oh to be six again! Spending many, many afternoons building Lego castles/houses/stables those little bricks are ingrained in my memory. Digging into the Lego box for a 'two-er' or a 'one-er' to fill those little gaps in the walls, and - most importantly of all - inhabiting the real estate I'd crafted with lego men, so it wasn't just a building with little green-shuttered windows and a yellow front door.

That's why I'm loving Swank's Lego men necklaces. Not sure what or who the chap below is meant to be (boyf says Michael Schumacher perhaps??), but he's wearing a red leather jacket, fetching helmet and aviators; as far as Lego men go, I don't think you don't get much cooler...

Red Lego Man necklace, by Swank at Hannah Zakari. Image courtesy of

Monday, 16 November 2009

New Designer: Momoko Tamura - AKA Momocreatura

Having a wander the other day I was tempted into the luscious Luna and Curious on Brick Lane (some stacking skeleton coffee cups had caught my eye), a shop which had actually held my curiosity for some time, except I was always rushing past on my way elsewhere, or much later once it was closed. That aside, this little treasure trove featured jewellery which I did a rather comical double-take over. "Ooh" I thought, "little bears and bunnies", at which point I looked closer and went "Eww dismembered bears and bunnies!"

A range of little horrors - dismembered owl heads and stags, by Momoko Tamura

Welcome to the world of Japanese jewellery designer Momoko Tamura - designing as Momocreatura - a recent Central Saint Martins MA graduate who creates seemingly innocent, fairytale-inspired jewellery with macabre twist to make even Poe proud. Little silver owls - detailed to a T - pierced through the chest, to create a rather terrifying if not alluring ring. A bold, handsome stag brooch with a bloodied neck representative of hunting horrors. The list goes on...

Owls and rabbits, pierced, hanging, all pieces by Momoko Tamura

Momoko's jewellery takes its inspiration from antique European jewellery, and post-war Japanese subcultures (think Japanese Lolita dress meets Victorian mourning jewellery), to create beautifully detailed jewellery with a terrifying yet humourous edge. I love it. So dark; perfect for all this stormy weather!

Bear in Chains necklace, by Momoko Tamura,. Image courtesy of Jewel Thief

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Theme: Autumnal Jewellery

Following a blustery old week (walking home Sunday morning in pouring rain after Hallow'een being a highlight) the leaves on the trees are now leaves on the ground, squidgy and slippery but perfect for the squirrels in Bethnal Green Gardens who appear to take great pleasure in high speed foraging under, below and through great piles of leaves. Anyhow, while I put my Autumnwatch-obsessed self to one side, I've been on the hunt for some Autumn themed jewellery. Here are a few choice pieces...

Sterling silver Acorn pendant, by Laura Tabor. Image courtesy of


Sterling silver fallen Maple Leaf necklace, by Alex Monroe. Exclusively at EC One

Gold plated brass Jay earrings, with blue chalcedony stones, by David Aubrey. Image courtesy of

Cheeky glitter Fox pendant, by Lady Luck Rules OK, image courtesy of