Saturday, 31 October 2009

A little something: Fiona Paxton's Trixy Cuff

Well it's the weekend (mine officially starts at 6pm tonight, following work), which means it's time to get some statement jewellery out! It's Hallow'een too, and my ideas of what to wear tonight (a night in Dalston) is a mish-mash of Cruella-meets-Morticia-meets-Bright Young Thing. My flapper dress might get an airing, but for those who are thinking of doing something a little more Rocky Horror, this Fiona Paxton Trixy cuff is a must. Love love love it. Perfect for jeans and breton stripes as much as biker boots and a mini dress.

Trixy cuff by Fiona Paxton, shown here in the gold colourway

Saturday, 24 October 2009

A little something: Tatty Devine Magpie Rings

From the first time I saw them, I've loved Tatty Devine's Magpie rings. So when I was handed a little black and silver box on my birthday last week, I was super pleased it was them! At last, my own pair of the pretty black Magpie rings, picked up from their Brick Lane shop.

Black Magpie rings

My favourite bird is the Magpie, the Pica Pica, elegant blue-green and black, deft, inquisitive and sociable. Superstition suggests it's unlucky to see a single Magpie, and I love that Rosie and Harriet at Tatty Devine have whimsically picked up this. Anyway, why wear one ring, when you can have two?!

An alternative knuckle duster??

As new additions to the jewellery box, there could be some rivalry between the birds and their fellow Tatty Devine Cat ring... So I've ensured the red Heart ring stays somewhere in the middle!

White acrylic Cat ring, red acrylic Heart ring and pair of black Magpie rings, all by Tatty Devine

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Theme: Spikes and Studs

Oh dear... My obsession with spikes and studs is reaching a whole new level. Only last week was I sat watching Gossip Girl, pressing gold-tone studs into an old tshirt in the hope of making it look somehow cool. Such frivolous attempts aside, while not watching Gossip Girl I seem to find myself searching online for spiky, studded jewellery. The good news is the jewellery is coming in all shapes and styles, from quirky, raw-edged earrings and bangles, to the brightly coloured regal-inspired acrylic bangles by one of my favourite up-and-coming designers, Nicholas King - a definite one to watch for 2010...

The spiked wheel Muriel earrings by Joanna Cave, below, are a personal favourite of mine. Joanna was kind enough to recently make me a pair of these on a smaller hoop earring (a treat to self, plus I'm a big fan of hers). I'm love the way the little pearls add just that touch of softness.

Silver, oxidised and pearl hoop spiked wheel earrings, by Joanna Cave at EC One

Gold plated silver 'Samurai' necklace, based on the Samurai sword, by EC One

On the more uniform stud scale are the pyramid bangles by Daisy Knights, a fabulous jewellery designer who I wrote about on here not long ago. I'm still enjoying her designs, and with my birthday next week am definitely looking forward to adding something of hers to my jewellery box..! Daisy manages to keep things feminine yet tough; a little bit raw but with a lot of love involved in the making.

Silver and gold plated silver studded 'Molly' bangles, by Daisy Knights


Sterling silver pyramid stud earring, by Alex & Chloe at Kabiri

Though I've mostly known William Cheshire's men's collection, amidst his repertoire are  pieces that us ladies can get our hands on. His new Lightening and Electricity collections play with the lightening bolt shape, refining the look to tough-luxe. His highly polished finishes and use of diamonds and chunky uncut stones demonstrate William's skill as a leading British jewellery designer , who's worked with Stephen Einhorn and Paul Smith.


Gold plated 'Lightening' stud earrings, by William Cheshire

A somewhat more playful take on studs and spikes can be seen in the work of Wendy Pickard (The Branch) and Nicholas King. Their ever-growing stockist lists means that their jewellery is accessible, on-trend and ever more in the public eye. Nicholas King is especially worth keeping an eye on; with time spent at DKNY and Alexis Bittar, he certainly knows the market and certainly knows what works. Check out his amazing sequin bangles here.


Rosewood ring, studded with gold plated silver round studs, by The Branch


Multi-coloured acrylic 'Crown' spikey bangles, by Nicholas King

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Designers: Missoma

Tomorrow Missoma will launch their new Elements collection - a playful charm based range which allows you to mix and match their designs to create a unique piece of your own. It really is about time I wrote about Missoma, because being based in London where there's a never ending supply of amazing jewellery talent, the Missoma girls are certainly standing proud. Their hard work is admirable and designs inimitable, so let me tell you more.

Michelle, Sophie and Marisa - the three designers behind Missoma

Missoma, a quirky yet memorable name, is a rather intriguing mix of its three designers' first names: Michele and her two daughters Marisa and Sophie. Together they design different ranges, each testament to their own styles - some are classic, others edgy and the most recent - Thorn and Shaka - very much fashion-led.

Multi-stone Shaka cuff, by Missoma. Image courtesy of

Shaka spike stud rings, set with (clockwise from top) rutillated quartz, rock crystal, chrysophrase and lapis lazuli. Image courtesy of 

The main themes in Missoma's designs are the use of gold vermeil (gold plating on a sterling silver base), and brightly coloured gemstones; everything from lapis lazuli and labradorite, to stunning green chrysophrase and deep red coral.

Hot Rox small hoop earrings, set with tourmaline, garnet and amethyst, by Missoma. Image courtesy of 

Hot Rox stacking rings, shown here (top to bottom) in chrysophrase, amethyst, citrine and blue chalcedony, all by Missoma. Image courtesy of 

Describing their designs as 'statement wherever you go', the girls are influenced by their travels to India, Morocco and Thailand and as a result their pieces are often feminine with a twist - Grecian cuffs complement art-deco style charms; rings have unusual claw settings while the necklaces are long and perfect for layering.

Stella long pendant necklace, with faceted amethyst. Image courtesy of


Long multi-stone, multi-charm Hot Rox necklace, by Missoma. Image courtesy of

With over 10 different collections they really do have something for any age, taste and style. I particularly love these earrings, below, from their recently launched Shaka collection, perfect with an LBD and vintage leather jacket!

Shaka spike hoop earring, by Missoma. Image courtesy of